❝ I’m still not over my sad past and I don’t think I will ever be. ❞
- Lana Del Rey (via shak-uhachi)

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❝ I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I’m like a collection of paradoxes. ❞
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peace and positivity here☮
❝ God, your voice.
I don’t think you’ll ever understand what your voice does to me. ❞
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this is beautiful
❝ If you don’t end up smiling while you are kissing someone, you are probably kissing the wrong person. ❞
- I wish I learned this before (via lil-plant-princess)


humans are so cute, when we say goodbye we put our arms around each other and to show we love someone we bring them flowers. we suck the cum out of peoples dicks like a gogurt. we say hello by holding each other’s hand, and sometimes tiny little dewdrops form in our eyes. for…

❝ Be with someone who would drive five hours, just to see you for one. ❞
- Latelycravingmore (via latelycravingmore)
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